Meet our team

David Statham. Co-Owner & Director. Sundown Pastoral Company

David’s vision of innovation and progressive farming techniques have enabled him to lead his team for over 30years. Since 1984 David has grown Sundown Pastoral Company into one of the world’s most renowned sustainable agricultural enterprises. David is highly respected as a thought leader in both the cattle and cropping industries. His passion for growth with technology has enabled diversification downstream in the supply chain. Read more.

Danielle Statham. Co-Owner & Director. Sundown Pastoral Company

Danielle’s 25+ years experience in the fashion industry led to her passion for sustainable textiles, in particular climate friendly, regenerative and ethically produced cotton. Recognising that today’s environmentally conscious consumers are demanding change, Danielle saw the opportunity to close the loop between her family’s agriculture enterprise and sustainable fashion growth. Her vision has led the charge of disrupting the global cotton supply chain with the FibreTrace supply chain traceability technology & integrated software platform. Danielle has also driven the global Good Earth Cotton carbon friendly brand for Sundown Pastoral Company.

David and Danielle have 4 sons together, Max, Wil, Joh & Dan to continue the exponential growth of The Sundown Pastoral Company enterprises and investments. Read more.

Head Office

Steve Moore – CFO – Sundown Pastoral Company

An audit and financial analysis expert, Steven has extensive experience in the Cotton Market, working for both KPMG and Colly Cotton before Joining Sundown Pastoral Company in over 20 years ago. ( 2000).  As Chief Financial Officer he is responsible for management of the Groups commodity programs (FX, commodity, basis, sales), financial accounting, legal taxation, insurance, sales and acquisitions.

Shannon Mercer – Business Development & Special Projects Manager

A team member with The Statham group since 2005, Shannon has 15 years in leadership roles across various industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction and agriculture ,  Shannon’s ability to develop and execute tactical growth strategies and identification of new markets and business models.

Possessing a leadership style that it is agile and customer focused, he is centred on business structural improvements, innovation and continual enhancement and passion for the teams he works within .

Shannon holds a Post Graduate Masters of Business Administration from Newcastle University.

Gary Lederhose – Financial controller

As a Financial Accountant and Certified Financials Business Analyst, Gary is responsible for all daily reporting accounting functions including management reporting, cash flow, payroll, GST and compliance. Gary has worked at Sundown Pastoral Company since 2005.

Diana Mitchell – IT Manager

Diana assists in overseeing the architecture and implementation of operational and business support systems in IT and Telecommunications that Sundown Pastoral Company uses to operate and manage the business both from head office and on farm. Providing IT Solutions and Support Services. Diana has been part of the Sundown Pastoral Co. team since 2016.

Jerome Mitchell – Head of flight Operations

Commercial pilot and agile Aviation Manager. Jerome has experience in flight operations and operations control.

Assisting the Statham family since 2000, Jerome’s extensive qualifications since 1994 include Australian ATPL (A), U.K. ATPL(A), U.S.A. ATPL (A) Grade 1 Flying Instructor, Multi Engine Instructor rating, Multi Engine Instrument rating, Night VFR rating and a Helicopter PPL. Operation of the Kingair 200, 350 and Hawker 900XP business jet over these years as a valued member of Sundown Pastoral Company, flying the management team and staff in a safe and professional operational manner between farming operations, and businesses.


Nick Gillingham – General Manager – Cropping Operations

Starting as a farm agronomist in 2005, Nick is now responsible for the management and strategic direction of all of Sundown Pastoral Company’s Cropping operations at “Keytah” and St Ronanas. Nick sits on many industry foundations and boards. He is a key positive influencer in the Australian Cotton Industry for research and technology. Nick has extensive knowledge in soil biodiversity and industry technological advances.

Mathew Monk – General Manager -Cattle operations

In 2005 Mathew became the Manger Cattle operations for Sundown Pastoral Co. Prior to this Mathew spent time working at the CSIRO and in a technical role at the University of New England’s Department of Agronomy and Soil Science where he worked with leading scientists, researchers and students. Mathew has been instrumental in instigating and continuing High Performance Pasture Systems. He is responsible for the development levels of  pasture productivity  and systems within The Northern Tablelands including aggregations within the Sundown Pastoral Company group.

Gavin Wells – Live Stock Operations Manager

Gavin currently manages 10,000 head of backgrounding cattle at Keytah as well as being involves with the dryland cropping and pastures. Gavin began work at Keytah as a jackaroo in 1987.

William Jackman – Agronomy Assistant

In 2008 William joined Sundown Pastoral company to assist with cotton Irrigation and since 2018 he has been employed as an agronomy assistant.  A graduate of the International Cotton School at the University of Memphis, Will is continuing his study in Agronomy at the University of New England.

Noel Buckman – Grain Storage Manager

Since 1997 Noels position of Grain Storage Manager see him manage logistics within the state of the art, modern Grain Storage facility located at Keytah. He coordinates grain movements on farm, organises deliveries to the end users, and liaises closely with trades, freight companies & farm management.  Noel was the former Grain Storage Manager with the NSW Grains Board.

Nathaniel Phillis – Irrigation Operations Manager

In 1996 Nathaniel joined the team at Keytah as the contract irrigator and is now the Irrigation Operations Manager overseeing the entire water infrastructure, managing staff & operations as well as having input into the cropping decisions and irrigation on the property.

Darren Hart – Cotton Operations Manager

Darren joined Keytah as the Cotton Operations Manager. Prior to this he held several management positions at dryland and irrigation properties across North West NSW for 33 years. He has also been involved in local growers’ groups through this time including the Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association and Cotton Growers Association.

Andrew Madden – Dryland Farming Manager

In 2001 Andrew began work for Sundown Pastoral Company and in 2004 was elevated to Dryland Farming Manager. Andrew manages and oversee the dryland operations at Keytah and the integration of the cropping

Darrell Preston – Infrastructure Manager

Since 2005 Darrell has co-ordinated all farm and infrastructure maintenance. He is responsible for maintaining all residences, housing, complex facilities. Keeping social compliance and living conditions for all staff and their families within our Sundown Pastoral company on farm community.


With over 100 years experience between the Wathagar Gin team are experts in their field, lead by Mike Murray since 2009, Tony Stahlhut, Paul Sabine & Gerry Mcgowan have ensured the Wathagar gin remains a premier ginning facility.

With Andrew Vanderstock’s machinery engineering and development oversight, Wathagar Gin has undertaken major upgrades to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the plant. The installation of the 181 gin stand, the automatic bagging system, extra cleaning equipment and the Cirrus moisture injection unit, including the precision draw frame feeder of the patented FibreTrace technology. The JV partnership of Sundown Pastoral Company and Namoi Cotton in The Wathagar Gin creates a dynamic progression for this Ginning facility.