What about the original Sundown Valley aggregation?

1964 – 2019

‘Sundown Valley’ progressed from a successful fine Marino wool station to one of Australia’s premiere pasture fed cattle operations on 43,500 acres. In the early 2000’s the Sundown Pastoral Company’s cattle operation expanded further across the New England NSW area by purchasing Paradise Station, Newstead and the 10,000 head capacity Gunnee feedlot. This aggregation of prime cattle properties then represented 75,000 acres of improved pastures running up to 54,000 head of cattle. These Sundown Pastoral Company properties were often described as being like lush dairy farms – on the scale of large outback cattle stations.

These unique and highly productive cattle properties attracted the interest of two of the world’s most astute agricultural investors. In 2016 Paradise and Newstead were sold to the Paraway Pastoral Co owned by The Macquarie Bank.  The originals Sundown Valley property and the Gunnee feedlot was sold in 2018, to Hancock Agriculture owned by Mrs Gina Rinehart.

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