St. Ronans

Covering 108,000 acres of fertile red and black basalt soils on the central tablelands of North eastern Queensland, St. Ronans is blessed with high annual rainfall and substantial underground water basin flows. Abundant with permanent waterholes, creeks and rivers, St. Ronans also dedicates a portion of land to native vegetation. Here numerous species of native wildlife are at home amongst the Blue gum, Ironbark, Morton Bay Ash and native grasslands.

Purchased by the Sundown Pastoral Company in 2019, St Ronan’s brings a geographically, seasonally and climatically diversified addition to the company’s property aggregation. Here they are rolling out their successful model of ethical hi-tech sustainable production to annually grow an additional 30,000 bales of carbon positive and traceable Good Earth Cotton. The sustainable broad acre cropping is limited to just 13,000 acres of the entire property. Alongside this sits the remaining 95,000 acres of native vegetation and grasslands, on which they graze cattle conservatively. St. Ronans is licensed to run 10,000 cattle head turnover, in addition to a feedlot hosting 10,000 head.