Research & Development

Sundown Pastoral Company has and continues to adopt the latest farming practices.  


1. Annual seed trials. GRDC project on High Yielding Irrigated Grains in Cotton Farming Systems. This entails the local NSW dept of Ag. to take field measurements across a number of fields on a number of different farms across the northern irrigated grain and cotton growing regions. The work is to help find the best management practices to achieve high yields.


2. Keytah is an industry leader in water use efficiency technologies and practises some of which include:

  • Use of water moisture probes with real time telemetry updates;
  • Shortening of irrigations fields;
  • Conversion to 30 inch cropping systems;
  • Continual upgrade of pump sites;
  • EM Surveys;
  • On farm weather station;
  • Irrigation scheduling


3. Preventative Maintenance (PERVIDI) software

4. BELVOIR Information Technology

5. Pastures from space – satellite imaging technology

6. Soil Management for generation to come.  Sundown’s carbon levels in the soils are extraordinary.  Over the past 25 years Sundown have been using massively high numbers of dung beetles and over 400,000 metric tons of natural fertiliser such as chicken and cow manure. 


No/minimum til farming practices and rotational cropping using legume crops have maintained the integrity of the soil on cropping properties.