David Statham

Co-Owner & Director. Sundown Pastoral Co.

David Statham is the Co-owner of the Sundown Pastoral Company along with his wife Danielle. Together they have created one of the world’s most renowned sustainable agricultural enterprises.

Since 1984 David has been at the forefront of innovation in agricultural technology and the application of regenerative farming techniques. This has resulted in the Sundown Pastoral Company being recognised as one of Earth’s the most efficient and environmentally ethical agricultural enterprises. David’s vision is to work in harmony with nature and believes regenerative farming techniques can create a better and healthier planet for generations ahead.

The Sundown Pastoral Company story started in 1964 when a small parcel of land was purchased by David Statham’s family in the New England area of NSW. The beauty of the sunset in this farm’s valley led to the name ‘Sundown Valley’ from which Sundown Pastoral Company was born.

In 1984 at the age of 17, David started working in his family’s business. It was also at this time ‘Keytah’ a baron flat parcel of land West of Moree was purchased to develop as a stud cattle breeding operation and under his leadership saw the Sundown Pastoral Company grow into a massive agricultural enterprise consisting of 260,000 acres of highly fertile and productive land in 7 separate holdings over 2 states of Australia.

‘Sundown Valley’ progressed from a successful fine Marino wool station to one of Australia’s premiere pasture fed cattle operations on 43,500 acres. In the early 2000’s the Sundown Pastoral Company’s cattle operation expanded further across the New England NSW area by purchasing Paradise Station, Newstead and the 10,000 head capacity Gunnee feedlot. This aggregation of prime cattle properties then represented 75,000 acres of improved pastures running up to 54,000 head of cattle. These Sundown Pastoral Company properties were often described as being like lush dairy farms – on the scale of large outback cattle stations.

The Keytah breeding operation was transformed in the early 90’s into broadacre cropping and with aggregation of neighbouring land plays host to one of the largest private family owned cotton cropping parcels in the Gwydir Valley, West of Moree NSW.

The unique and highly productive cattle properties attracted the interest of two of the world’s most astute agricultural investors. In 2016 Paradise and Newstead were sold to the Paraway Pastoral Co owned by The Macquarie Bank. The originals Sundown Valley property and the Gunnee feedlot was sold in 2018, to Hancock Agriculture owned by Mrs Gina Rinehart.

The sale of the original Sundown Pastoral cattle property aggregation has allowed David and his team to focus their energy and resources on cropping, regenerative farming and vertical supply integrations within the global cotton supply chain.

Today the Sundown Pastoral Company’s property portfolio includes 65,000 acres in one contiguous aggregation of fertile regenerative cropping land known as ‘Keytah’ West of Moree, NSW.

David’s vision for further cotton supply chain integration has resulted in the development of the Wathagar Gin, which neighbours the ‘Keytah’ property.

The purchase of St Ronans in 2019 is a 108,000 acre cropping and cattle operation west of the Atherton Tablelands in far north Qld where David and his team are successfully pioneering cotton and other crops along with a large scale feedlot operation.

‘Mirrimavale’ a hardwood forest and timber plantation also in Far Nth QLD is also a showcase of Sundown Pastoral’s longterm commitment to the environment with sustainable farming and carbon sequestration techniques.

FibreTrace is representative of the next stage of the journey for David Statham and the Sundown Pastoral Company. A journey of sustainable farming and fashion driven by a vision from David’s wife, Danielle Statham (co-owner of the Sundown Pastoral Company) This vision was to produce a traceable cotton product that could be independently and transparently verified throughout the entire global cotton supply chain.

The independent cotton brand Good Earth Cotton now uses FibreTrace technology enabling fashion consumers and producers to trace the journey of Sundown Pastoral Company carbon positive (or carbon friendly), sustainable and ethical cotton from seed to shelf where ‘every fibre tells a story’.

Prior to working for Sundown Pastoral Company David attended the Scots College, Bellevue Hill, Sydney as a boarder student. Here he learnt the values of collaborative teamwork though his passion for sport – particularly rugby and cricket. He is passionate about technology and innovation and invests heavily into his properties and portfolio on research and development.

David is also a very proud father to 4 boys, who are keen to continue the Statham family’s role working in harmony with nature and creating a better planet for generations ahead.

Both David and Danielle are humble philanthropic contributors to their local communities, schools and sporting teams.