Danielle Statham

Co-Owner & Director. Sundown Pastoral Co.

Danielle Statham is the co-owner of the Sundown Pastoral Company, one of the world’s most renowned sustainable agricultural enterprises along with her husband David.

With a background from a young age in Textiles and design her career expanded as a couture milliner for 25+ years, owning her own wholesale fashion showroom in Sydney and dipping her toe in to designing and owning her own denim label. Danielle is also the proud mother to 4 sons who she shares with David.
Despite Danielle’s love for the fashion industry she was also acutely aware of the social, environmental, and ethical issues that the fashion industry was facing. Recognising that today’s environmentally conscious consumers are demanding change, Danielle saw the opportunity to close the loop between her family’s agriculture enterprise and sustainable fashion growth. Furthermore, Danielle recognised the vast commercial opportunity for their agricultural enterprise through the ownership and control of the value-add cotton supply chain, from “seed to shelf”.
Danielle’s foresight and ability to execute complex supply chain technology has led to the launch of FibreTrace, a supply chain traceability technology platform that allows for real time verification of textile fibres at each and every stage of the production process. FibreTrace has joined some of the brightest like-minded people globally in the fashion supply chain. Danielle also established and is growing the brand Good Earth Cotton, which started with Sundown Pastoral company’s very own brand of carbon positive ( or carbon friendly), sustainable and traceable cotton. Her vision for sustainable textiles, in particular climate friendly, regenerative and ethically produced cotton is now having an impact on the entire global cotton supply chain.
Good Earth Cotton is expanding rapidly to other growers globally who demonstrate similar environmental stewardship to that of the Sundown Pastoral Company Cotton enterprise.

Danielle’s role as a thought leader in the fashion industry has also seen her present at many forums, events and trade shows including Rabobank’s Farm2Fork Summit and Kingpins Show’s Transformers discussions in Amsterdam.

Both David and Danielle have a vision of where they would like to see the future generation of agricultural enterprises to play a part in their individual supply chains. They both believe technology plays a huge role in the retention of the brightest minds to continue the evolution of sustainable agriculture. They are large investors in technology and research and development both on and off their farms and dedicate.
Sundown Pastoral Company is in great hands for future growth and to continue its role as both a leading regenerative agricultural enterprise as well as disrupter within the global fashion supply chain.