Australia’s largest high performance pasture program maximises kilograms of beef per hectare.


The cattle aggregation covers over 30,000 hectares with over 20,000 hectares of high performance and improved pastures.  It is concentrated in the highly productive New England area of NSW. 


All of the beef properties are drought proofed with all paddocks having reticulated water systems and dams.  The trough water is delivered from tank storage of over 1.2 million gallons via more than 300 kilometers of underground pipe.


The cattle aggregation at Sundown has been described as dairy pastures on a Queensland scale.


A network of laneways with moveable silo feeding systems run across all farms providing easy movement of cattle to state of the art automated yards.


Sundown Valley (20,000 ha) – the central property in the Sundown beef operation.  Consists of state breaking edge technology, infrastructure, management practices. On farm staff accommodation second to none.  Finishing pastures consist of high quality fescues, rye grass and clovers. 


Newstead (4,848 ha) – a well known property in the Inverell area.  Improved pastures for beef production as well as growing crops, including wheat and Lucerne.


Paradise (6,500 ha) – Also in the Inverell district, comprising of high performance pastures, state of the art infrastructure and an airstrip.


Gunnee Feedlot (1,607 ha) – located near Delungra in the Inverell area.  The property has approximately 1000 hectares suitable for cropping, and the remainder is grazing country. The Gunnee feedlot has a current capacity of 10,000 cattle.  The Gunnee feedlot is operated by a joint venture between Mort & Co and Sundown Pastoral Co. Pty Ltd.



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