Who are we?

Sundown Pastoral Company is a privately owned Australian agricultural and pastoral enterprise. They are world renowned for their innovative farming techniques, sustainable production methods and environmental stewardship. Their quest to become one of the Earth’s most environmentally sustainable agricultural enterprises has meant turning traditional farming methods on their head and questioning the conventional wisdom of every stage of agricultural production. Today Sundown Pastoral Company takes pride in its large scale sustainable and profitable farming business whilst being recognised for their environmentally stewardship and high ethical standards.

The Sundown Pastoral Company story started in 1964 when a small parcel of land was purchased by The Statham family in the New England area of NSW. The beauty of the sunset in their farm’s valley led to the name ‘Sundown Valley’ from which Sundown Pastoral Company was born. What followed over the next 55 years was an aggregation of an arable agricultural property portfolio consisting of 260,000 acres of highly fertile and productive land in 7 separate holdings over 2 states of Australia.

Sundown Pastoral Company is still a family run operation, now privately owned by David and Danielle Statham. Their story of 35 years of land stewardship begins when at age 17, David Statham started work for at their grazing and cropping properties. A few years on he met Danielle and together their vision was to develop highly efficient sustainable farming practices that were good for both their business and the environment. Today, Sundown Pastoral Company is world leader in sustainable agricultural production. Some of their achievements include producing the world’s first traceable carbon positive cotton and producing some of the highest yielding and water efficient crops on Earth.

David and Danielle, along with their 4 sons know they are privileged to be temporary custodian of this land. The environment is their lifeblood This responsibility has driven them to work in harmony with nature and a purpose to create a better planet for generations ahead.